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[Online] Knowledge web-series on Digital Acceleration, Privacy & Data Protection by Hammurabi and Soloman Partners [Register Soon]
[Call for Papers] by Legal Magazine of the University of Palermo [Submit by 31 July 2020]
[Webinar] on Documentary Evidence with Specific Reference to Electronic Evidence by Law Essentials [Register Soon]
[Webinar] on Misleading Advertisements and Consumer Policies by Consumer Assisto [Register by 15 July 2020]
[Webinar] on Unfair Trade Practices: A Myth or Reality by Consumer Assisto [Register by 13 July 2020]
[Job Post] at Areness Law [Apply Soon]
[Job Post] at Law Veritas [Apply Soon]
[Job Post] for Lawyers at Victoriam Legalis [Apply by 19 July 2020]
[Job Post] for Legal Associate at Arjun Sheth & Associates, Ahmedabad [Apply Soon]
[Webinar] on Singapore Convention on Mediation by Mediate Guru [Register by 16 July 2020]
[Call for Papers] By The Charter Law Journal- Vol.1 Issue.1[Submit by 5 August 2020]
[Online] Quiz on Law of Contracts by Journal for Law Students & Researchers [Register by 22 August 2020]