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[Online] 2 Days Webinar on Dispute Prevention & Mitigation and means of Alternative Dispute Resolution in investment Disputes by Kovise Foundation Conflict Resolution International [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar on Cyber Crime Against Women: Precautions & Strategies by Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior & Sponsored by National Commission for Women, New Delhi [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar on Informal Relationships & Reliefs under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 by PSIT College of Law, Kanpur [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar on International Humanitarian Law: Contemporary Issues & Challenges by All India Law Teachers Congress & Knowledge Steez [Register by 16 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on A Century Long Journey of Sedition in India by Indian Law Society's Law College [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar in Career Opportunities in Law by Knowledge Steez [Register by 12 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on IPR Issues in the Streaming Industry by IP Assisto [Register by 11 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on Trial by Media and Public Perception by World Communicators Council, Public Relations Council of India & PRCI [Register Soon]
[Online] International Webinar on Post -Covid Mediation- Charting the Path of the Future by Commonwealth Lawyers Association & Youth Bar Association of India [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar on Right to Livelihood in times of Disaster, Pandemic & Emergency Situation by University College of Law, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur [Register by 18 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on How to Prepare for Judicial Services Exams during COVID- 19 by Arpit's Judicial Academy [Register Soon]
[Online] National Webinar on New Dimensions on Penology: Alternate Forms of Detention by Department of Law, V. S. S. D College, Kanpur [Register Soon]
[Online] Webinar on Law School to Law Firm- Convergence or Divergence? by Alma Matter, Webinar Platform for HNLU Alumnus [Register by 4 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on Issues & Challenges in the field of Trademark Prosecution by IP Assisto [Register by 4 September 2020]
[Online] Webinar on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace by Young Ignited Minds Foundation [Register Soon]