[Discussion] Massive violation of International Rule of Law and Humanitarian Law by USA #Syria Attack

Trump’s decision of missile attack on Syria has intensified the humanitarian crisis situation in Syria. As this missile attack is against the international rule of law and violation of United Nations Charter principle directly mentioned in Art.2(7) about non-intervention and Art.2(4) use of force. International humanitarian crisis in Syria may aggravate and intensify the armed conflict. International Humanitarian Law is very clear which says that present circumstances, there was neither military necessity nor doctrine of proportionality was required which allows missile attack in Syrian territory. This attack cannot be said as an armed conflict because it was a quick and single attack not continuous in nature. The United States of America have completely forgotten the United Nations international democratic process of dealing the humanitarian crisis and mandate of Security Council resolutions directly or indirectly. As similar participation by Russian attacked deployed their forces to deal with ISIS which was pro-Assad assistance, but the consequences became uneven as it was heavily criticized by America even it was against ISIS. American act seems that American missiles attack will not kill anybody brutally as the American missiles can easily distinguish between women, children and combatants. This act is not legally justified from any angle as there is already an international instrument on chemical weapon convention which talks about inspection and due process of sanctions. Syria is already a war torn area where Syrian nationals are fleeing to other countries creating refugee crisis which is gaining momentum due to war and influx of refugee in EU is another problem which is mounting day by day. The other factor is environmental protection as entire world is grappling with the climate change these attacks also contribute to environmental damage destroying the balance of the reason which will degrade the area in more worst form and aftermath of attack is no less than chemical weapon dangers. World community has already received the quake at conference on banning nuclear weapons which indicates that world is not ready for nuclear disarmament; failure of these negotiations is not a healthy sign for world peace.

Ashutosh Kumar is former Legal Officer at AALCO an inter-governmental organisation based in New Delhi. He is an expert on Public International Law and diplomacy issues. He can be reached @ [email protected] 

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