Call for Intern at Judiciary Preparation Cell

About Judiciary Preparation Cell

Judiciary Preparation Cell (JPC) is a division of MyLawman which aims to provide students with

  • daily updates about different States judicial services exams for the post of Civil Judge,
  • structured syllabus for various judicial services exams,
  • reliable study materials and sources for their preparation, and
  • affordable test series and quizzes to strengthen their analytical skills.

The JPC takes an empirical approach for filtering the vast syllabus for different state judicial exams to eradicate arbitrary preparation techniques and the burden of a gigantic list of subjects. In times of global pandemic, it intends to achieve maximum participation from law students for their unhindered judicial exam preparation from their respective locations.

Roles & Responsibility

  • Have to complete the basic internship duration  of 2 months.
  • Making primary decisions on the merits of a written piece.
  • Send conditional acceptance and written feedback in regards to improving an answer or law note or other legal content.
  • Language and content editing and writing of the articles, commentaries, case comment, Judgments and other miscellaneous editorial tasks.
  • Or other tasks as allocated by the Manager of JPC.

Who can Apply?

  • Final Year Law Students
  • Academicians 
  • Research Scholars/associates
  • PG Students(from law background)
  • PhD Scholars (from law background)
  • Advocates/Judges
  • LLM Students 

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Call for Reviewer

Who can Apply?

  • Academicians 
  • Research Scholars/associates
  • PG Students
  • PhD Scholars 
  • Advocates/Judges 
  • LLM Students 

Responsibilities of the Reviewers

The reviewers need to ensure the following:

  • Maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to the content of the manuscripts and keep their identity hidden from authors.
  • Review submitted work in an objective, responsible, impartial and timely manner.
  • Reviewers will have to evaluate the draft on various parameters, such as relevancy of topic, comprehensiveness, original contribution to existing knowledge, language, coherence etc.
  • Substantial similarities between submitted manuscripts and other published works of which the reviewer is aware, or any other suspected ethical misconduct to be reported to the editorial team.
  • Provide ‘follow up’ or any other relevant advice to the editorial team, if requested.
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Become a Campus Ambassador

Who can Apply?
Law Students from any law college 
What you need to do as our CAP?
  • Just Promote our event in your college group, contacts & social media.
  • Become our Ambassador at you campus.
  • For a minimum tenure of 1 year.
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Apply for Internship
Who can Apply?
Law Students from any law college 
What you need to do as our Intern?
  • Research Work
  • Review Work
  • Website Posting Work
  • Content (Law Blogs, Law Notes, Case Briefs, Legal Article, Opportunity) Creation Work
A minimum of 1 month (4 weeks)
  • Internship Completion Letter
  • Free Publication Opportunity 
  • Letter of Recommendation, depending upon the work
  • Other perks & goodies, depending upon the work
To Apply, Mail your Resume & Professional Photograph to & cc to & with Subject: "Application for Internship (Month of Internship)"