The LAWMAN provides law students and persons unrestricted access to legal resources and articles of Law. the contents of the websites are submitted by the persons like you and released under CC-BY-3.0 license for open access because LAWMAN believes in that 

'Knowledge is your Natural Right'

LAWMAN took shape by the efforts of team of students of Law from BHU, now pursuing further study and research in law. the moto of LAWMAN Team is to promote the knowledge of law among common people and student at the very basic level.

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We at LAWMAN provide open legal resources and articles submitted by authors among all of us. we ensure the nonrestrictive access to each and every person and thus conform to right to freedom of speech and expression enumerated in Article 19 of Indian constitution as well as in Art. 19 of UDHR and ICCPR. The new section of Important case summary and New bills and Acts also provide the insight of new legislative and judicial developments.

LAWMAN gives you opportunity to contribute your articles and legal resources (including the manpower) to strengthen the LAWMAN community. The regular contributor may be offered LAWMAN Membership into the Team.

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