MyLawman is one of the fastest growing Legal Community website for Legal Resource sharing and an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia. As a one stop solution, MyLawman caters to differential needs of Law students and professionals across different divisions viz. legal blogs, opportunities, journal, judiciary preparation and e-learning content including online courses. MyLawman is a growing family of around 250 law students as volunteers/ interns and campus ambassadors along with hundreds of law faculties on board. MyLawman partners with Law Schools, Law Firms, Domain Experts (resource persons) and NGOs working in the field of Law to build and disseminate legal knowledge to learners/legal fraternity.

We at MyLawman also provide law students and persons unrestricted access to legal resources and articles of Law. The contents of the website are submitted by the persons like you and released under CC-BY-3.0 license for open access because we believe that

'Knowledge is free and to stay update especially for law and its opportunities is one’s Natural Right'

Corp Comm Legal extensively supporting our motto partnered us as our Knowledge Partner in 2020.


MyLawman took shape by the efforts of a team of students of Law from various law schools, now pursuing further study and research in law. The motto of our team is to promote the knowledge of law among common people and student at the very basic level and to promote such events and opportunities which are important for students and help them know about it because they are the future of our country and if we can help them in anyway, we believe that we are helping our nation.

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We at MyLawman provide open legal resources and articles submitted by authors among all of us. We ensure the nonrestrictive access to each and every person and thus conform to the right to freedom of speech and expression enumerated in Article 19 of Indian constitution as well as in Art. 19 of UDHR and ICCPR. The new section of Important case summary and New bills and Acts also provide the insight of new legislative and judicial developments.

We also try to facilitate law students with various opportunities which will help them in their growth and career in the field of law and we try to provide and facilitate them with these contents with the help of our various divisions which work independently to serve them.

Divisions/ Cells at MyLawman

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        Communication & Social Media Cell [C&SM]

        Campus Ambassador Programme [CAP]

         Legal Blogs [Legal Articles, Law Notes, Legal News, Interviews, etc.]

        Opportunities [Internship, Job Post, Competitions, etc.]

        Judiciary Preparation Cell [JPC]

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MyLawman gives you opportunity to contribute your articles and legal resources (including the manpower) to strengthen the MyLawman community. The regular contributor may be offered MyLawman Membership into the Team.