[Opinion] Trumponomics for Environment Protection and Climate Change | World Environment Day

Trump’s exit from Paris Agreement obligation at the eleventh hour, where Paris agreement modalities after COP-22 at Marrakesh is in full swing and HAS adopted MARRAKESH ACTION PLAN. It has completely brought a new conundrum for $100 Billion fund for climate change resilience. As since Copenhagen 2009 Summit failure, it took six years brainstorming session for multilateral negotiation to finalize and adopt final draft of Paris Agreement. To organize this Multilateral Environmental Agreement UNs along with member-state have incurred huge expenditure as well as research to reach the Paris agreement draft.

Ambiguous Environmental Policy

As Paris Agreement has already been adopted and member-states acting in full swing to follow their INDCs commitments based on common but differentiated responsibilities, which has already been submitted to its repository, UNFCCC Secretariat. Financial Mechanism i.e. $100 Billion contribution fund to be mobilized from 2020 for achieving the reduced emission is in process. This decision of exit or reconsideration will not only delay the process of climate change resilience but also make planet earth more vulnerable as Vth  Assessment report of IPCC has already expressed its pros and cons for future prediction of climate change and global warming will lead to food security crisis, Energy Security and most temperature, which alone will destroy everything. As America is 2nd largest emitter. So far as climate fund is concerned, American withdrawal will affect America also, because climate change impact is universal and even if you are out of the Agreement, it cannot be said that you can be safe in isolation. The most important factor is that this will affect international diplomacy, and smaller states and followers of America will also hesitate to act according to modalities of Paris Agreement.

Renegotiation and Reconsideration

Now America’s will to reconsider/renegotiation will not only disturb the  post International Environmental Treaty negotiation process during COP-meetings, but also derail the basic tenet of the International Law, which will pull other countries to escape International obligations by practicing American style. Now, the question is when roadmap has already been finalized, and most countries have ratified the paris agreement which came into force on, 4 November 2016, can member-states  be permitted to act in such a manner at the final stage. Though every International Stakeholder of Paris Agreement, knows importance of American participation which is directly related to financial mechanism and the contribution that U.S.A. can make. But precedent of Environmental diplomacy and step-out of U.S.A. will affect basic fabrics of Paris Agreement which will affect financial mechanism process required for implementation of reduced carbon emission.

Obligations under International Law

This decision of Trump to walkout of U.S.A. has triggered new ambiguity for other developed and developing nations. Can Treaty obligations be withdrawn like this where other nations are following the developed Nations sovereign function pattern. It is not about funding only as in Kyoto also similar act was done by U.S.A. But the reasoning given by Trump by directly pointing India and other countries benefits as forecasted by Trump can be said as irresponsible act which can raise suspicion for other countries which may be a set-back for Paris Agreement where 55% States have already signed and ratified the treaty, means a lot for the world’s last effort to protect mother Earth.

Trumpomacy instead of Diplomacy: Focus on Climate Resilience

For Developing countries the financial requirement is most important in order to adhere to Paris Agreement Obligation. As most important stakeholder are multinational Corporations involved in clean energy business and eco-friendly business are from USA and EU, because of which at negotiation stage Paris Agreement was called “M.N.Cs friend”, which will increase their involvement and profit. This faction is not completely true as on later stage MNCs role came with utter responsibility and not only as profit making body . As most M.N.Cs are based in U.S.A. / E.U. with advance clean and green technology which will flourish and expand America and E.U. influence in trade. It is not restricted to trade only but Agricultural and service sector also. In this aspect it is completely mis-calculated risk which Trump is eager to take. It will neither create stability nor jobs for Americans. Instead America should have focused on restricting other fund-contributions or financial assistance. This decision will disrupt entire climate change effort to build climate resilience fight global warming.

Perhaps next move of TRUMP might be cutting the UNs funding which can be done at any time as per Trumponomics which will affect USA legacy of world power and most important the environment which is common concern of mankind and not the responsibility of isolated nation as USA is behaving. It is now or never situation for the world according to IPCC report if we cannot make it today we will never make in tomorrow and entire notion of inter-generational equity will meet disaster and lone planet will become history for life. So it can be requested and reprimanded to USA to consider its decision because international environmental diplomacy and stakeholder knows what clean environment means and every nation will not consider USA views and will move and follow sustainable development blue print till 2030 to make earth a better home for future.

AS on this Environment Day world knows the the importance of environment and international environmental  diplomacy cannot wait for USA and no works linger for anybody, things have to move, be someone support or pull out it does affects as USA has done but "PARIS AGREEMENT" should move ahead with full endeavor to save mother earth.




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