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About Consumer Assisto

‘Consumer Assisto’ as the name suggest assisting the consumers in every possible approach. The ideology behind this project is to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone. To create awareness midst general public. It is a unit of Knowledge steez Edu Hub (LLP AAM 8237).

The project aims to help people and also provide pro-bono services. With the help of this project we will try to reach out general public who need legal assistance and create awareness and reduce exploitation of consumers.

About the Newsletter

Consumer Assisto invites you to the latest edition to our project “Consumer Patrika”.
“Consumer Patrika” as the name suggests is a Newsletter which aims to keep its subscribers updated to latest news and brings special articles from students and lawyers from across the country. If you would like to get the Newsletter on a Bimonthly basis, you can subscribe to our Newsletter by clicking the subscribe button down below and filling the google form.

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1) Regular update on latest news and developments in relation to Consumer Legislation, Consumer Activism, Recent Cases etc.   
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3) Insightful Interviews with legal Practitioner, activists, educationists and NGO etc. dealing with Consumer Law and it’s aspects.   
4) Updates on upcoming webinars.   
5) Alerts and reference of the source for recent literature such as books and journals that are published recently.   
6) Information about job opportunities, competitions and other opportunities. 
and many other benefits

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