[Legal News] Promote Local Products by Nimish Goel & Samreen Ahmed

On 12.5.2020, Addressing the nation, our Honorable Prime Minister said that during the ongoing – pandemic when we all are engaged in a battle to saving our precious lives from COVID-19, it is important that we realize the importance of locally manufactured products, local markets & local chains. He urged that the people of India must support the local industries and artists and help them survive the economic slowdown caused by the prevailing pandemic restrictions.
During the unprecedented time of crises local manufacturers have fulfilled our demand and saved us from scarcity of essentials. This pandemic has taught us that we must make using local as a “MANTRA OF OUR LIFE”.
The government should look beyond the binaries of market to focus on overall growth and development of our economy. The idea is to create a conductive environment for both the procedures as well as consumers of the local goods.
The global products i.e those produced by foreign manufacturers which we use today, were initially sold in local / domestic markets only, They became global only because of the local people, who started using them, felt proud of their local manufacturers and thereof promoted them, thereby making their a local brands well-known global brands. It all depends on the general, as to how it treats their product, the way endorses it or promote it by word of mouth / review method. One should be proud to use their local manufacturer and promote their goods in good faith. This shall in turn, usher a sense of satisfaction, commitment and joy in the citizen and motivate the manufacturers to deliver their best.
India should become “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” and advocate for the “MADE IN INDIA” drive We need to make our goods local brands who maintain quality standards and work for best customer services, a well-known global brand, by giving them due credits, shout outs over social media and other platforms. Our honest reviews and dedicated support shall inevitably bring a drastic increase in their sales, good will and establish a name for their brands both in India as well as overseas. We have to switch our choices from global products to local products and thereby end the hyped brand mania has created. This go a long way in shaping developing economy like ours to become the largest exporter of goods and generate more employment.
Right now, there are many companies which have showed their intention to shift their respective production houses from China, this is a great opportunity for India to grab, as it shall play a pivotal role in increasing our GDP and foreign reserves. We have the potential, resources and the requisite human capital to grab and make the best use of this upcoming opportunity. Since in this pandemic and the consequent lockdown many have lost their jobs, this deal if won would help Indians to heal many severe wounds.

How to promote them?
1.)    Creating awareness amongst the public about the basic differentiation between the local products / brands.
2.)    Shopkeepers should insist buyer to go for local products and devise techniques to attract customers towards such products.
3.)    Price of local products should be comparatively less to global brand.
4.)    Quality of the local product should match the quality of global brands.
5.)    Indian manufacturing sector should be promoted and given extra benefits and incentives, so that they can start production of those goods India instead of importing it from other countries.
6.)    Concerned government agencies should keep a due check, on the Indian brand as regard the quality of goods is concerned.
7.)    The startups and indigenous industries or companies who pursue economic activities in furtherance of the Made in India and Make In India initiatives should be provided tax benefits and subsidies.
8.)    Theme parks, art works, museums and documentaries must be encouraged which can visually depict the beauty of India, it’s art forms, culture, goods with geographically indications and other details, which shall excite and intrigue people to discover India and the local products.
Rs. 20 Lakhs Crore relief package.
To deal with the loss incurred due to of Covid - 19. The Indian Government has introduced Rs. 20 lakh crore relief package.
Nirmala Sitharaman (FINANCE MINISTER OF INDIA) said that Rs. 20 Lakh Crore includes Rs. 8.01 lakh crore of liquidity measures announced by RBI and Rs. 1.92 lakh crore package of free food grain to poor and cash to some backward section.

PM Narendra Modi announces Application innovation challenge to Promote Indian Platforms: -
Recently India has banned 59 Chinese mobile application in wake of the calculated security threats and the Indo China border standoff. The users of such Apps cannot keep in abeyance and therefore to fill the void created the government has launched this initiative to find viable replacement or alternatives for such banned Apps.
The innovation challenge and procedure can be accessed through the MyGov platform of the Government of India.
Post evaluation the apps developers will be given awards and feature. The government has also allocated the amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs, Rs. 15 lakhs and Rs. 10 Lakhs for the first second and third rank in order of merit in each category.
The 8 categories are as follows: -
1.      Office Productivity
2.      Work From home
3.      Social Networking
4.      E-Learning
5.      Entertainment
6.      Business
7.      Health and wellness
8.      News and games
More over that Track 1 challenge is that the government will track the best Indian apps used by citizen and scale it to become world class apps.
Track 2 will deal with the companies and entrepreneurs who are having the potential to build mobile applications for their nation.

Our nation has suffered a huge loss during the pandemic, both in terms of economy as well as human lives. To help citizens overcome the loss incurred, this loss the Government has launched various schemes and projects for startups and entrepreneurs. Our daily wage workers, small scale indigenous industries and farmers have suffered an irreparable damage; therefore, it is our duty as citizen to help them, as well as our economy by buying the indigenous manufactured goods. It is high time to realize their massive contribution in our lives and the need to help our economy regain its boom, we have stop being dependent on foreign goods or mobile applications. Each one of us must develop scientific temper, tap on our potential and thrive for innovation as it will help our nation in myriad ways. This will also help in increasing employment and contribution to our reserves of future currency i.e. IPRs. The pandemic has given us sufficient time to ponder upon areas we can work upon to improve our economy, study the prevailing market, trends, demands and standards, the new technologies we need to add in our local industries the number of production units require to stop unnecessary import and strategies for sustainable development. The local grown or manufactured products have got this best possible opportunity to impact the lives of the people and make their place in brand name market.

This News has been reported by Nimish Goel & Samreen Ahmed. Nimish Goel is a law student at School of Law, JIMS, Greater Noida and currently, Student Coordinator at MyLawman, who can be reached at nimish[dot]goel0[at]gmail[dot]com & Samreen Ahmed is currently a Research Assistant at Research & Innovation Department (ARIL), MyLawman who can be reached at samreena0[at]gmail[dot]com

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