50% Reservation of Women in Judiciary is a matter of Right: CJI Ramana

  • While speaking at an event organized by women lawyers of the Supreme Court as, “Enough of suppression of thousands of years. It is high time we have 50% representation of women in the judiciary. It is your right. It is not a matter of charity”.

  • He also referred to the quote of Karl Marx, “Women of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains”.

  • The CJI also opined about the statistics which showed the poor representation of the women in judiciary.

  • All these comments were made by him in the backdrop of the appointment of three women judges to the top court.

  • The foremost bettering measure is to reserve for women a definite percentage of seats in law schools and law universities.

Grant of Interim Relief to the person who is accused for making disrespectful Facebook post against Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

  • A person named Abdul Rahim Abdul Gani Ghadiyali was booked under Section 295A of the Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Also, under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code speaks about “Outraging religious beliefs” and under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

  • The Court granted an interim anticipatory bail to the applicant and also directed for further investigation.


To ensure the absence of arbitrary deprivation of personal liberty in the face of excess of State Power is the Court’s Constitutional Duty: Delhi High Court

In the case of murder of Rattan Lal, a head constable rejected a bail to one accused and granted bail to one accused.

  • The Court observed that, “It is the Constitutional duty of the Court to ensure that there is no arbitrary deprivation of personal liberty in the face of excess of State power”.

Great Displeasure at big companies having their commercial law cases for priority hearing while the court is encumbered with criminal appeals: CJI N.V. Ramana

  • The Chief Justice of India made a remark that the court is still streamlining the system while there are too many criminal cases and appeals are pending. 

  • He also questioned the corporates that, “How can all corporate people come and start mentioning pleas”?


Initiation of Suo-moto cognizance by the Kerala High Court on the appointment of Public Prosecutors

  • The Kerala High Court has initiated a suo- moto cognizance after seeing a notice of “abject incompetence” exhibited by the prosecution in a murder and in a POCSO case.

  • The High Court made a criticism that the District Magistrates are not having adequate information about the competence of the advocates who apply.

Online Rummy involves a game of skill: Kerala High Court uplifted a ban on online rummy

  • A notification was issued by the Kerala State Government for banning the online rummy under the “Kerala Gaming Act, 1960” which clearly bans “online rummy when played for stakes”.

  • The Kerala High Court held that, “Ban on online rummy which involves a game of skill is unconstitutional as it is violative of Article 14 (Right of Equality) and Article 19(1)(g) (Right to freedom of trade and business)”.

  • The Court also made the notification banning the online rummy as unenforceable and unconstitutional.

Filing of Public Interest Litigation is n industry and is a career by itself which was not envisaged under the Indian Constitution

  • Tushar Mehta, the Solicitor General of India, while defending the appointment of Delhi Police Commissioner, said that, “the people who are unable to get elected for the government opted the way of filing Public Interest Litigations to challenge the policy decisions”.

  • The Solicitor General argued that, “Public Interest Litigation is an industry and a career by itself, which was not envisaged under the Constitution of India”.

Recommendation made by the Apex Court to appoint 8 new Judges to the Patna High Court

  • The Collegium of the Supreme Court has made a recommendation of Six Lawyers and Two Judicial Officers for the appointment as judges of Patna High Court.

Invalidation of Last minute changes to the NEET Syllabus for PG Super Speciality Exam, 2021

  • After the issue of notification to change the syllabus for PG Super Specialty Exam in the exam of NEET, the court made a criticism against it.

  • The Court remarked, “The notification to change the syllabus could be made from the next year and to speak to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to look at this”.

  • The court also added that the new syllabus seems to be the final examination rather than an entrance examination”.

 Refusal to decline the case which awaits for trial nearly up to 22 years: Madras High Court

  • Since 1999, charges had not been framed in an alleged misappropriation of Rs.42 crore by the Anubhav group of companies.

  • The court observed that, “The right of speedy trial and unwarranted delay results in the violation of the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Right to Life).

  • The court also added that it must be analyzed whether the accused was either directly or indirectly causing the reasons for delay”.

 Election of Europe’s first women-majority by Iceland

  • In the general election conducted in Europe, Iceland is the first country to have the majority of women in the Parliament (exceeding 50%).

 Indian Envoy warns China not to shift the goalposts

  • The Indian Officials said that China’s unilateral actions went against the four border agreements that govern the behaviour of troops in the disputed areas. 

  • Mr. Misiri, Ambassador of India, also added that China and India both had the space to cooperate the issues includes tackling the Covid-19, terrorism concerns and the situation prevailing in Afghanistan.

China’s continuing ban on travellers from India affects many including the Students which reflects an “unscientific approach”

  • India’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Misiri highlighted the difficulties being faced by the students, businessmen and other groups of people for not being able to commute to China.

  • For more than a year, Chinese authorities have not offered the timetable as to when it will open up.

Extracted & Compiled by- Ms. Divya, B. Com. LLB (Hon.) Student, School of Excellence in Law (SOEL),The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University
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