Become a Campus Ambassador Today! 

    Boost your CV and join the community of MyLawman Campus Ambassadors across the country.

    You can join MyLawman's Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) from the comfort of your home or hostel room or any of your favourite place or café! You can take part in this virtual program from anywhere. MyLawman CAP gives you a different profession-ready experience as a lifetime opportunity.

      What you need to do? 

    • Just Promote our event in your college group, contacts, and social media.
    • Become our Ambassador at your campus.
    • For a minimum tenure of 1 Year.

      What do you get?  

    • Certificate of Appreciation

    Upon successful completion of MyLawman Campus Ambassador Program, you will receive a certificate of appreciation.

    • Letter of Recommendation And Full-Time Job Potential

    Outstanding Campus Ambassadors who go above and beyond what is necessary during the program will receive a Letter of Recommendation that recognizes your contribution from our founder and core Team Members at MyLawman HQ.

    • Access To The Global MyLawman Community and Programs

    Connect with MyLawman ambassadors and members around the country and get research and other tips from experienced seniors of the field to make yourself profession ready. 

    • Professional Skills and be Profession ready

    Enhance your legal and professional skills and industry-ready right out of your college. 

    • Access to Discounts codes, Membership and Goodies

    Get Acess to MyLawman Global Programs, Member-access and discount codes. Goodies shall be given to loyal CAs (after 6 months of tenure).

    How to Apply 

    To Apply for our Campus Ambassador Programme and avail the benefits, CLICK HERE

    Go through two quick rounds of interviews:

    • Call with Campus Ambassador Program representative in India.
    • Final video interview with the Head of the Campus Ambassador Program in India.

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