[Anti Drugs Day Special] Drugs are not the solution by Supriti Bhargava

Drug abuse, today reaches the most alarming point. In spite of Poor or Rich, male or female, city or village, college students or farmer, homeless or white color professional or anything Drug abuse hits them at an extreme level. Drug abuse can be elaborated as the repeated and excessive use of drug, which may lead to a negative impact on the mental and physical health of the person.

Meaning of drug abuse

Drugs are there for providing benefits to mankind in order to cure any kind of disease or illness which strike by the human body or on other hand misuse of drugs leads invitation of many health issues. However, it is something which contains both a negative and positive side, either it can save life or it can destroy life.  

Kind of Drug Abuse

Drugs can be classified as Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinogens & Narcotics. Depressants include alcohol, tranquilizers, calmpose, valium etc. Stimulants are cocaine and amphetamines. The third category is Hallucinogens which is known as LSD, ganja etc. At last, Narcotics drugs include opium and its derivatives such as heroin, brown sugar, Tidigesic, morphine, pethedine, fortwin etc. In Kerala, alcohol, ganja, brown sugar and tranquilizers are greater in abuse.

Effect of drug abuse

Drug abuse has been now afflicted the family, economy and the community. Also, the user has adverse effects on physical and psychological condition. Under nutrition, loss of appetite, bronchitis and generalized debility which may lead to the invitation of physical complications. Psychological effects include anxiety, depression, insomnia, paranoia, deterioration of personality and other severe mental illness.

Youngsters lead to the drug addict

High pressure of studies on students may result in substance abuse of drugs among the youngsters. Even, when we talk about our educational system is now full of competition with lacks flexibility even though youngsters also holds parental burden. When the youngsters are unable to cope up with the ever-growing family and personal problems, this may also lead to drug abuse. Working atmosphere and issues with the colleague also result in workplace deviance which later results in detrimental effects on the individual.
Even when the adolescence situation might be the case where the youngster got influenced by other people or by their friends who force them to consume drugs and alcohol, these types of attempt leads to becoming an active member for unproductive activities which leads to the addiction of drugs between the youngsters. Many times experimenting under friend guidance or due to the curiosity of trying or just to cope up with your friend leads to consumption of more and more drugs which may be result in the drug addict.

Symptoms of drug abuse that should observe in their child

Although there are different types of drugs but the effects and the symptoms are more or less the same notwithstanding what kind of drug is consumed. Common signs which show that the person is engaged with the process of drug abuse.
Ø  Neglecting responsibilities at workplace, school, colleges or at home like skipping your tuition classes, low performance academically and staying away or alone for most of the time.
Ø  It results in indifference in relationships of an individual such as fights with your family members or your partner, losing a good old friend etc.
Ø  Change in behavioral attitude such as not being the same person when being with friends or family or partner.
Ø  Losing temper easily and getting into nasty things for petty issues.
Ø  Frequently getting into fights, accidents and illegal activities.
Ø  Lack of motivation, feeling lethargic.
Ø  Anxiety and Irritation.
Ø  A Sudden Loss of appetite and weight. Loss of sleep patterns.

Overcoming from the drug abuse

Firstly, willingness in order to give up the addiction will be the key to overcome from the drug abuse. Secondly, one must try to speak up their problem to someone who would understand and help the person to come out of the addiction. Victim must try to put restrictions on themselves in order to stop the drug abuse but relying on self-help programs without any support will bring difficulties to put an end to it. It is advisable to take supports from Family Members, Friends, Doctors or counselors and people who has the same problem but recovered.


Support from family members is a must because they provide the perfect treatment to their child. Even family should support their child and understand what he/she is going through and how can they help their children. Parents should try to motivate their children and understand their requirement from life. Every child is different in their own aspects and parents should really try to understand their children’s and respect their expectation to avoid any cases related to alcohol or drug abuse.

“Children are often the silent victims of drug abuse.”-Rick Larsen

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