MyLawman Webinar on COVID-19 and Role of Armed Non-State Actor in Conflict Areas by Dr. Anita Yadav on 19 May 2020 at 5PM [Register Now]

MyLawman is happy to bring a series of webinars on COVID-19 & Law. The first of the same series is a Webinar Session on COVID-19 and Role of Armed Non-State Actor in Conflict Areas by Dr. Anita Yadav, Assistant Professor of Law, Delhi University. 

  • Webinar Title - "COVID-19 and Role of Armed Non-State Actor in Conflict Areas"
  • Speaker Details- Dr. Anita Yadav, Assistant Professor of Law, Delhi University
  • Date & Time -19th May 2020 | 5:00 PM

Concept Note
The outbreak of Covid- 19 has created an unprecedented situation all over the world. Each state is trying to overcome this pandemic’s challenges and adopting various methods to curb the spread of the virus through various methods such as regular thermal screening, sanitising places, imposing lockdowns to name a few. While using all these methods states are obliged to abide by the various principles of International law. Due to the state-centric nature of the International legal framework on laws of responsibility and states being entities which are capable of bearing rights and duties, it is easy to create obligations binding on states during this crisis in case it fails to meet the requirements mandated by international law principles. However, difficulties arise when applying the law of responsibility to armed non-state actors (ANSAs) in conflicts affected areas. With the passage of time, International law did evolve to cover various actors and international entities within its subject matter, But the development of the legal framework to regulate the responsibility and accountability for the wrongful conduct of armed non-state actors is still inadequate as compared to that of a state.
This webinar conceptualizes how International law can respond to Covid- 19 pandemic in conflicts affected areas controlled by non-state actors. It will also analyze the legal obligation of armed non-state actors in International law. In the end, the session will highlight key challenges and the possible way forward in this area.

About the Speaker
Dr. Anita Yadav is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Law at Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. 
She is a recipient of various International and national fellowships. In 2018 she has received United Nations Asia & Pacific Regional course International Law fellowship. She is also the recipient of Erasmus Mundus research scholarship at Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany (2015-2016).


The webinar is open to All
  • Any student, Advocate, early-stage Researchers or academician interested in Law, Policy, International Politics and International Relation
  • The webinar is free to attend. However, Certificate shall be provided on the technical charges of only Rs. 149/-.
  • First come first serve basis

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