[Call for Paper] on Environmental, Social & Governance Regimes and their Impact on the Oil & Gas Industry by OGES [Submit Soon]

This OGEL Special Issue seeks to provide information ESG related laws, regulation and rules and their application and impact on the oil and gas industry. We encourage submission of relevant papers, studies, and brief comments on various aspects of this subject. The topics may cover a wide range of issues such as:

  • Preconditions for the investments in oil gas in the era of ESG
  • The role of banks and ESG
  • The role of private sector and ESG
  • Case studies on ESG related litigation
  • National reports on ESG regimes in place or in the making
  • Identifying unintended consequences of regulations and possible loopholes that need to be filled
  • Adaptation required to an ESG environment
  • Challenges and opportunities of ESG disclosure.

Papers should be submitted by the end of August 2020 to:

Gerald Pachoud
Pluto advisory

Email: [email protected]

Professor Kim Talus
Tulane Center for Energy Law, Tulane Law School; UEF Law School; University of Helsinki

Email: [email protected]

Please CC [email protected] when you submit material or have any questions.

The minimum word count of articles should be 5000 words (excluding footnotes, endnotes, appendices, tables, summary etc.). Articles should include summaries (150-200 words). The layout of the articles should conform to OGEL’s submission guidelines available at: www.ogel.org/contribute.asp (more information available upon request).

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