[Online] International e- Seminar on Biodiversity and Human Welfare [ Register Soon]

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School of Biological Engineering and Life Sciences,Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology,Meerut,UP

About School of Biological Engineering and Life Sciences

 biological engineering as an analogous sibling to the main, well-established engineering disciplines in being recognizably focused on creating new technologies for a spectrum of application fields based on an identifiable basic science foundation — all using the two “wings” of engineering:” ‘analysis’ and ‘synthesis.

With a goal of developing effective biology-based technologies for application across a broad spectrum of society’s needs, including prominently, but not exclusively, human and environmental health, Biological Engineering students learn within an exciting landscape of research opportunities.

Date- 5 June 2020

Time- 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

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