[Call for Chapter] in Inclusive Wealth Generation through IP Commercialization [Submit by 31 July 2020]

Book Title
Inclusive wealth generation through IP commercialization
 Dr. Pinaki Ghosh MHRD IP CHAIR, WBNUJS 
 Prof. N K Chakrabarti VC, WBNUJS  
Dr. Shambhu Prasad Chakrabarty, Head and Research Fellow, CRSGPP, WBNUJS 
Dr. Jayanta Ghosh, Research Fellow, CRSGPP, WBNUJS
Broad Themes 
1) Inclusive gain for exclusive contribution of IPR
2) Micro-economic theory and IPR
3) Sovereign IP
4) Indigenous knowledge commercialization: Journey from TK & TCE to GI
5) Reward and Rebate: Economics of IP promotion for social welfare
Guidelines for Submission 
We would like you to please pay special attention to the following points when compiling your contributions: 
1. You are welcome to submit just a full-blown article for the consideration by the editors. However, even in full blown articles, if the starting or central theme is linked to a real life example (e.g. a true case study or a real life news item), it t would be very much appreciated as it will then link up nicely to the broad research approach adopted.
2.Please do clearly outline (preferably in the introductory segment of your contribution), how your article links up to either the 'Fundamental/Practical Research Prong' described above, OR to the broader theme, namely “Inclusive wealth generation through IP commercialization”.
3.topic on which you are writing does not relate to law, please also suggest the names of two referees (unknown to you personally) who are experts in the field/discipline to which your paper belongs. This is important for us to get the papers peer reviewed by appropriate people, and for you to be able to improve your writing (if the editors so recommend). 
4. Finally aim of the book is to provide concrete guidance to policy makers at the highest level, make concrete recommendations, justifiable at least within the specific context of your research that can be given to policy/law makers who are involved with designing laws or policies associated with any of the broad themes.

Writing Style and Final Output 
  •   Articles: 15-25 typed pages or minimum 6000 words (single spacing) including all footnotes, 12 font size, times new roman (footnotes can be in font size 10 without spacing)
  •  Please use footnotes, not endnotes and use OSCOLA referencing style as the guide for footnoting.
  • All submission to be sent to [email protected] 
  • Please submit an abstract (maximum 350 words with 5 keywords) along with full paper 
Deadline for submission
31th July 2020. 
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