[Online] Internship Opportunity at CPC Legal, Hongkong through InternshipBank [Apply Soon]

October 5 - 30 (4 weeks)
Law school students
A recommendation letter and certification to be provided at successful completion
Minimum hour requirement
None (we expect this to be what you make of it)
Fluent English is required, other languages are a plus
About the Internship
Among other potential tasks, you will be provided with discrete legal questions to research and expected to provide write-ups with your analysis and conclusions. We will provide guidance and also required reference materials. Where possible, we will tailor the assignments to be relevant to your background.
Application Process
Please submit the following no later than 12 noon London time on Friday, September 25:
• CV/Resume
o CVs/resumes should be limited to one page; submissions with CV/resumes over one page will not be considered
o CV/resumes should contain a quantitative measure of academic performance, such as GPA or class rank
• Writing Sample
o Any topic and length is acceptable but only a maximum of two pages (randomly selected) will be read
• Video
o A one-minute video of yourself answering the question “Why are you the right person for this internship?”
o Videos should be limited to one minute or less; submissions with videos over one minute will not be considered
o We suggest sending a link to the video rather than as an attachment
Please email submissions to Internship Bank at [email protected] with the subject line “CPC Internship – [your last name, your first name]” 

  • Academic performance (up to 15 points)
  • Quality of content of CV/resume (up to 35 points)
  • Fluency in other languages (5 points for each language)
  • Video (up to 50 points – 20 points for content, 20 points for persuasiveness and 10 points for enthusiasm)
To Download Official Notification, Click Here
Visit official website at https://cpc.legal

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