About the series

The Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law (EtYIL) is a peer-reviewed academic Yearbook that publishes scholarly works of the highest standard in the field of international law broadly defined, but with a focus on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. International law presents both opportunities and challenges to developing countries; however, their role in the making of the law and the scholarly analysis and debate that informs and underpins its evolution remain marginal. By choosing Ethiopia as its geographical focus, this Yearbook aims to contribute towards filling this gap and the long-term goal of rebalancing the narrative of international law in a manner that better reflects the diversity of its actors and subjects. With this in mind, EtYIL welcomes contributions in all areas of international law and relations. Particular issues of interest to the Yearbook include sustainable development law, the law of international trade and investment, the peaceful settlement of disputes, the sharing and preservation of transboundary resources, regional integration, peace and security, humanitarian law, and human rights, and regional and international institutions.

Extended Call for Papers

The Ethiopian Yearbook of International Law (EtYIL) is a peer-reviewed academic book series that focuses on international, regional comparative legal and policy matters that most concern developing countries more generally and Ethiopia and (the Horn of) Africa specifically. The Yearbook is now a well-established and respected source of legal and policy scholarship. It has recently been independently evaluated and included in Scopus. We are pleased to invite interested scholars to consider submitting long or short articles, current development pieces, case reports and book reviews for consideration for the FIFTH (2020) volume of the Yearbook (submission guidelines and other details available here http://www.springer.com/series/15093). The submission deadline for this volume is now 30 July 2021. We would like to hear your potential ideas and topics at [email protected] or at [email protected]

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