About Global Law Assembly
The Global Law Assembly Conference, 2021 is the Flagship International Law Conference of Internationalism, which will be organized through virtual means from February 11, 2021 to February 14, 2021. GLAC ’21 is a special forum where policy experts, academics and students discuss and propose idea models on policy, legal and realpolitik issues of international relations and foreign policies. 

The Global Law Assembly Conference will conduct 3 sessions during the conference: 

Track Presentations
Internationalism General Assembly
Panel Discussions

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. 

Themes of the Global Law Assembly Conference
International Law: History, Culture, Polity & Philosophy
International Organizations: Multilateralism, Plurilateralism & the Rule of Law
International Relations: Heteropolarity, Multialignment and Neorealism
International Policy: Synthesis and Innovation in Policy Development

Full paper guidelines
The abstract must not exceed 300 words in length.
The paper length must not exceed or concede out of the range of 4,000-10,000 words.
The object and clarity of the paper decide its selection and publication process even if the paper length exceeds 10,000 words.
Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of 7 authors.
All references should be done in the format of in-text citations following the ISO 690:1987 (First Element & Date) standard. No references are allowed whether in the format of endnotes or footnotes. However, footnotes providing further information or subjective notes are allowed. Use Springer LNCS for the format of the paper draft. 
Also, kindly provide a Bibliography of List of References as well.
Kindly register at EasyChair (easychair.org/cfp/glac2021).
Provide your ORCiD (Kindly register at orcid.org for free), in your paper submitted to us at easychair.org.
Ensure the originality of the research work submitted. The work has to be fully referenced, and all authors should be accurately represented. Kindly get acknowledgement letters from co-authors before the submission for no objection, if your paper is accepted for publication. 
Kindly submit the abstract first in the form of a PDF to us at the portal. After due approval given by the team, kindly go back to your CFP portal at EasyChair and update your file by adding the final paper in PDF form only (we will ask for the .DOC file later after approval).
Our team will contact you after your paper selection for the due submission of your ORCiD.
The submission must be exclusive. It must not be published anywhere else, all, or in part. In case of submission anywhere else, the author should intimate the team clearly on this. 
No abstention of presence during the conference shall be granted to the presenters. Also, presenters can opt to present the papers in the form of either Skype or via physical presence. If abstention happens, then unless any explanation given by the author is accepted by the Core Team, no abstention can be granted.
Disclose sources of all data and third-party material, including previously unpublished work by the authors themselves.
Strictly avoid fabrication of research data as well as manipulation of existing data.
Openly declare any conflicts of interest – for example, if the research work was intended to benefit any particular service or institute in which the author’s interest lies. If the submitted work contains a significant conceptual or textual reproduction of the research work undertaken by/for such institution, then kindly submit acknowledgement letter from the relevant authority.
Expect accurate plagiarism checking measures. Submissions will be scrutinized for plagiarism of words, ideas, writings, information, illustration, graphic representations, printed and electronic materials, and any other original work. The correct citation is essential.
Do proper referencing in the submission by strictly following the recommended citation style. At any stage of the editorial/review process, author(s) will be directed to undertake this themselves if the submission has not used proper referencing styles. Maintain good communication and cooperate fully with the editorial team.  
All the selection remarks for the papers will be provided on EasyChair to every individual applicant with the case whether their paper is approved or not.
Only 1 paper can be submitted per participant. More than one papers are not allowed, and only 1 Track, therefore, is to be chosen. If the guidelines are not followed, the paper shall stand disqualified with the due notification issued.
The papers reviewed and approved by the Peer Review Committee will be published in our upcoming Proceedings of the Conference with an ISBN. The proceedings may be available on EasyChair and in other possible forms and forums. The team will be in the process of attainment of adequate recognition standards for the papers published, for which, we will contact you and intimate shortly.

Deadlines for the Paper Submissions (according to Indian Standard Time):
Deadline for Abstract: [Please check the paper deadline (UPDATED)]
Deadline for Paper (with and without abstract submission): 31 January 2021
Intimation of Selection of Paper by Assessment: 5 days after intimation of receipt
Please note: After your paper is approved for publication in the proceedings, we will communicate with you for the process of payment at internationalism.in/events

Processing Payment Fee and Process:
Indian Delegates (per author) – 500 INR (through online means)
[Please note: Indian Students, Indian Professionals and Indian Delegates include and are exclusive to: Citizens of India, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)]

Foreign Delegates (per author) – 20 USD (through online means)

The process of payment will be online, and after the approval of the papers submitted, we will inform you shortly.

Core Team
Global Law Assembly Conference
Abhivardhan, President of the Conference
Pratejas Tomar, Chief Advisor, GLA Executive Board
Vaibhav Dwivedi, CEO, Global Law Assembly
Aryakumari Sailendraja, Vice-President of the Conference
Akash Manwani, Convenor, Academics
Tudor Gheorghe-Ion, Convenor, Creativity
Kartikey Gaur, Chief Events Manager, Internationalism
Sayantani Ray, Events Executive, Internationalism
Rashmi Chaubey, Internationalism Socials
Internal Affairs Team
Global Law Assembly Conference
Dhakshayanee Srinivasan, Programme Coordinator, Indian International Law Programme, Internationalism
Anirudh Vats, Programme Coordinator, United Nations Reforms and Review, Internationalism
Nikita Mulay, Junior Research Analyst, Internationalism
Pratik Dutta, Junior Research Analyst, Internationalism
Sathyajith MS, Junior Research Analyst, Internationalism

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