Webinar on Esports and Gaming Laws (7 Oct  2023) by LawswithRachna!

Team LawswithRachna! is organizing a free webinar on Esports and Gaming Laws on 7th October  2023.

The gaming industry is booming in India, with the market size expected to reach $5 billion by 2025. It has been recently recognised under the IT Rules with MEITY being appointed as the nodal ministry. It is important that we understand the legalities of this sector.

About the Organiser 

LawswithRachna, an online school by Rachna Shroff, Founder - Advocate with 14 years of experience in fields of gaming laws, NBFC, iron and steel, and top law firms of Asia. She is also a gold medalist in MBA and is on a journey to educate young law students and lawyers by adding value.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • 1. Esports Athlete Contracts: Protecting Rights and Interests
  • 2. Game of Skill vs. Game of Chance: Unveiling Legal Nuances
  • 3. Landmark Legal Cases: Shaping the Gaming and Esports Landscape
  • 4. Career Opportunities in Esports and Gaming Law


This webinar is open for all students, practitioners, and advocates who are interested in learning more about Gaming Laws

Date & Time: 

Mark your calendars:

7th October 2023
8:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm


1. Jai Shah 
Co - founder, Orangutun

2. Advocate Rachna Shroff
14 years of experience 
Gaming and Technology Laws

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