About Consumer Assisto

Consumer Assisto as the name suggest the ideology of this project is to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone.

 About the Webinar

 With the expansion of trade there is an inevitable growth on its abuses. The webinar aims to throw the light on such practices which are either ignored or unknown. Exploitation of consumers is one of the leading unfair trade practice and the speaker intends to shed light on such practice, while informing the remedies and laws pertaining to reduce such unfair trade practices.

Speaker- Adv. Surabhi Chopra

About the Speaker

 Surabhi Chopra is a practicing lawyer and an alumnus of University of London (LLM). She is currently a partner at Legis Chamber. She is a part of The Law Society of England & Wales, Bar Council of New Delhi, and Delhi Incorporated Law Society. She is an (Advocate on-Record) Training for Supreme Court of India.

Date- 14 July, 2020

Time- 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Mode- Online Mode

How to participate-

It is mandatory to register through the provided Google Form.

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Limited number of Seats available.     

E-certificates will be provided to all participants

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Last date for registration- 13th July 2020


Technical Requirement- High Speed Net Connection and Zoom Account


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Madhav Singh Bagga


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